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running FitnessMain Event Gym is a unique gym in Glendale, CA offering personal training, semi-private/group classes, metabolism testing, weight loss services, and much more. We are not a franchise, nor an impersonal health club- we are a local gym and mobile fitness company serving Glendale, Pasadena, and the surrounding areas.


Out Fitness program concentrates on Getting your body and mind into it’s peek fitness. Our fitness program is customized specifically to the individual. Our personal trainers and nutrition experts have had over 30 years experience customizing fitness plans for their clients. We pride ourselves in the success rate we have attained with our clients and their success.


We hold classes in and outside our gym. Almost ever week we hold activities in parks, beaches, and other fun and excited places. This is to inspire and promote your activity not only inside a building but in the world.


Are you looking for high-impact workouts that will increase your strength, flexibility, and conditioning while developing a lean new you? If so, then our classes are perfect for you! We offer a variety of classes to choose from that are specially designed to meet everyone’s needs. Our classes are fun, high-energy, explosive, exciting, and motivating plus you will burn up to 1000+ calories in every class. Each class offers a great cardiovascular workout that combines the elements of strength, core, boxing, martial arts, cardio, and aerobics into a 60 minute routine. Individuals of all fitness levels are welcome! Whether you are just beginning or experienced, come in for an insane, fun workout!


MO: Maximum Operation


Xtreme Fitness’s own boot camp! Maximum operation is a dynamic combination of martial arts fundamentals, boxing, cardio, and strength training. Each and every class is a high-energy and high-calorie burning workout. No two classes are the same!


Cardio Boxing


Learn the basics of boxing while pushing yourself through an intense cardio, strength, and toning routine. This 60 minute class teaches you basic boxing and defense skills while giving you a complete body workout. Become stronger and toned while increasing your self-confidence and reducing stress.


Triple Time


Three in one! Cardio, weights, and toning! This class is a fun and exciting workout that pumps you up and gets you going with upbeat music. It burns! This work out is addicting!


Pilates Tone and Barre


Traditional mat Pilates and ballet inspired exercises for muscle lengthening and strengthening. This class incorporates toning equipment for a complete workout.

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