Karate (Kidoryu)

The Strength Of Kidoryu is Faith


Many know the Bible as the encyclopedia of knowledge, but not many know that karate is also based on Christian and Biblical faith. This sport was founded in China and Japan, and has since then been introduced to the entire world. In 2001 the Kidoryu karate federation was established in Armenia, where Artavazd Harutyunyan was appointed as President of the Federation. In the same year, the Full Contact sport was also established. “The origins of Kidoryu is Biblical and based on Christianity,” notes Artavazd. Faith plays an immense role in this sport and if one doesn’t have faith and wit, he/she will not succeed in this sport, no matter how hard one tries. Thus, in order to have great faith, one must have a great understanding and knowledge of the Bible. Prior to receiving their black belt, karate students must pass an exam, where their knowledge of the world is tested.


Artavazd has also opened school in Zavakh where he practices with trainers free of charge, where he spends half of his time in Armenia and the other half in Georgia.  Every year in Armenia, two grand events take place, one an open championship  the other closed. The event was hosted as a tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide, and only the federation clubs were part of the event. In 2011, the Christian Soldier Festival was held as a result of the 10 year anniversary of Kidoryu Karate, where four countries (Armenia, Russia, Georgia and Iran) each with their specific performances, were present. As a result, Armenian trainers won the most medals.

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